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1 October 1910 to 29 August 1945 (Used until 10 December 1941)

KCR BS logo 1

11 December 1941 to 28 September 1945

The Kowloon-Canton Railway is not operating due to the Battle of Hong Kong.

29 September 1945 to 13 October 1949

KCR BS logo 2

14 October 1949 to 4 May 1975

KCR BS logo

5 May 1975 to 14 July 1983

KCR BS logo 4

4 May 1982 to 14 July 1983

The old diesel trains continue to use the 1975 logo while the new electric trains use the new 1982 logo.

4 May 1982 to February 1996

Kcr old
20120220152937!KCRC logo 2
The logo is changed as part of the electrification scheme.

February 1996 to Present (Used until 2 December 2007 1:30)

512px-Kcr logo svg.svg

The logo is changed when the the British Section is renamed to the East Rail. This logo until before of railway merger on 2nd December 2007 1:30.

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