Keep Sydney Open is a movement formed by Sydney entrepreneurs, nightlife employees and club-goers allied against the NSW Government's controversial 2014 lockout laws which stops civilians entering pubs, clubs and bars after 1.30am within the Sydney CBD and have rort considerable collateral damage on NSW's hospitality industry.

The logo draws inspiration from architectural blueprints, where a line straying by 45° represents a doorway. In this case, an open door to Sydney's nightlife. It also resembles speech bubble which represents discussion of how to improve lightlife as well as public safety, and a collective voice of civilians against the laws hoping to be heard by state politicians.

As politicans in surrounding states and territories rised the idea of implementing similar measures, so too were activist groups established to oppose them, as was the case in the Australian Capital Territory and neighbouring Queensland. The more prominent groups adopted the style of the Keep Sydney Open name and logo.