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Der Kabelkanal Kabel1 1 Kabel 1 logo 90s Kabel 1 logo
1992–1994 1994–1996 1996–1999 1999–2005
Kabel eins 2005 Kabel eins Kabel Eins logo 2011 Kabel eins 2015
2005–2008 2008–2011 2011-2015 2015–present

Der Kabelkanal


Der Kabelkanal

From February 29, 1992 to December 24, 1994 Kabel 1 was known as Kabelkanal.

Kabel 1


Kabel1 1994


Kabel1 1996
Kabel 1 logo 90s


Kabel 1 logo

In October 1999, Federal Courts awarded Kabel 1 the use of the 1 symbol in their logo after a long legal battle with ARD.

Kabel 1 were quick to take advantage of the decision, and on December 24, 1999, a new graphics package was introduced. The new look was created by Pittard Sullivan.


Kabel eins


Kabel eins 2005

On March 28, 2005, Kabel 1 got a new simplified logo. The slogan was changed from "Kabel 1 – Alles Gute." to "kabel eins. good times.". The channel also started writing "eins" with letters.


Kabel eins

kabel eins launched a new look on February 11, 2008. This included a new logo and the new tagline "echt kabel eins". The new look was created by ProSiebenSat.1's in-house creative agency.


Kabel Eins logo 2011

On July 21, 2011, it was announced that a retouched logo for Kabel Eins would be used starting from July 23, 2011. This retouched logo was designed by Creative Solutions, the in-house agency of Kabel Eins' owner, ProSiebenSat.1 Media.


Kabel eins 2015