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Channel 62 originally signed on the air on September 12, 1983 as an independent station under the callsign KEKR-TV. The station was alternately known as "Super 62".




On January 27, 1985, the station changed its callsign to KZKC after being sold to Media Central.






In the early part of 1989, the "KZKC" letters were located below the "62" logo. In the later part of that year, they were flipped -- where the letters appeared above "62", instead of below.




On April 22, 1991, KZKC changed its callsign to KSMO-TV, following the station's acquisition by ABRY Communications in late 1990. The new ownership put ballots in the local television guide asking for programming advice, hence the checkmark in the "O" in the callsign portion of KSMO's logo. KSMO also began broadcasting Kansas City Royals games during this period.



In September 1993, KSMO introduced their "Season of 62" slogan and a new logo for the station's 10th anniversary. But it wasn't until the following year when the station underwent drastic changes. In 1994, it picked up the Fox Kids weekday and Saturday morning blocks after former Fox station KSHB-TV became an NBC affiliate, swapping network affiliations with WDAF-TV (which became a Fox affiliate, but rejected Fox Kids programming and opted to add a Saturday morning newscast). That year, then-owners ABRY Communications merged with the Sinclair Broadcast Group. KSMO also became the Kansas City area's original UPN affiliate starting on January 16, 1995. However, it still essentially programmed as an independent station since UPN only provided programming for a few nights out of the week at that time.



In March 1997, KSMO incorporated the UPN logo alongside an italic "62", thus rebranding itself as "UPN 62". Ten months later, the network affiliation would change.



In January 1998, KSMO became a WB network affiliate, switching affiliations with KCWB (now KCWE), due to an affiliation agreement made between then-owner Sinclair Broadcast Group and the network to switch the group's then-five UPN affiliates to The WB. The Fox Kids weekday and Saturday morning blocks reamined on KSMO until June of that year, moving to KCWE as well.



2005–September 2006


In 2005, KSMO was acquired by Meredith Broadcasting (owner of CBS affiliate KCTV), thus becoming a sister station to KCTV. During this time, KCTV would also begin producing a 9 p.m. newscast on KSMO.

September 2006–April 2011

KSMO My TV com

KSMO became a MyNetworkTV affiliate after The WB folded in September 2006.

April–October 2011

KSMO TV 2011

Although still a MyNetworkTV affiliate, KSMO dropped the "my" portion of the branding, as many affiliates of the network began doing so due to MyNetworkTV becoming more of a programming service rather than a true television network. However, KSMO continued to use the 'blue tv' component of the network's logo.

October 2011–present

14954474 SS

KSMO eliminated the leftover 'blue tv' design and adopted a new wordmark logo. The new slogan became "Kansas City Plays Here".

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