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KRAV is a Swedish label for ecological farming.


KRAV logo 1985

KRAV was founded in 1985 by four organisations. Up until then, there had been several different labels to signify ecologically farmed products. KRAV was created to give consumers a single approval label.

The logo was created the same year by Ragnar Källander, who was an arts teacher and a father of one of the founders. The logo was intended to look like a stamp of approval.


KRAV logo 1992

The logo was altered in 1992, when the text was changed and a border was added.


KRAV logo

The text was changed again in 2006.


KRAV logo 2010

In February 2010, KRAV introduced a new logo.[1] I does away with the blocky stencil font which the organisation had used since its founding 25 years earlier. The Brand Union was behind the new logo.

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