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"Radio Panamericana" redirects here. For the Peruvian radio station, see Radio Panamericana (Peru).


Rádio Panamericana wordmark 1944 Jovem Pan JP wordmark Jovem Pan logo
1944-1965 1965-2013 2013-present

Rádio Panamericana


Rádio Panamericana wordmark 1944

Jovem Pan was established in May 3, 1944 by Julio Cosi and Oduvaldo Viana as "Rádio Panamericana". During this period, Panamericana used several wordmarks in newspapers ads. Most common use of wordmark are in Erbar typeface or in various serifed font-families. The radio was purchased by Paulo Machado de Carvalho, owner of Emissoras Unidas, in 1945.

Jovem Pan


Jovem Pan JP wordmark

The radio was renominated as "Jovem Pan" in 1965. The new name are influenced by the Portuguese word "jovem" (in English, young), used by various nomenclatures, like as in "jovem guarda".


Jovem Pan logo

In 2013, Jovem Pan changed the design of the logo to a more modern version.

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