Jontron is a webseries where Jon Jafari, the show's host, reviews games, consoles, movies, and more with his robot bird, Jacques.


This logo was only used in the Jontron pilot episode, "Daikatana Part 1".


The only difference with this logo and the one from the pilot episode is the words "RETRO REVIEWS" at the bottom. This logo was only used in Jon's review of "CastleVania Legacy of Darkness".


This time around, Jon decided to make the logo have a more mechanical look. This design was the first logo that had gears behind it, which would be in every logo made afterwards.


For a brief period of time, the Jontron logo seen above would appear, which would then be followed by the words "RETRO REVIEWS". This was only used in "SONIC R IS THE BEST GAME EVAAAR".


This logo was the first logo to have Jontron's signature colors of Orange and Blue. This logo also made the gears in the background gray.


This logo was used the most frequently on Jontron. This logo made the gears more narrow. The TRON part was also made smaller and was light blue. Lastly, the logo now has a more blocky look.


This logo was introduced in "Hercules Games" which was the first Jontron episode to come out since Jon left Game Grumps. This time, the gears are at an angle, they're wider, and they spin. The letters have gotten larger and the JON part was made a darker orange.

A waving Jon and Jacques made by Frario, who is a pixel artist that worked on "Scott Pilgrim Vs The World The Video Game" was added as well.


This logo is pretty similar to the 2013-2014 logo, with some small differences. First of all, the background doesn't have a mechanical theme anymore, and it's slightly brighter. Jon is also missing his hat, he's bigger, and he's now facing the right. Jacques is now on his left shoulder and is slightly smaller.


This logo doesn't have Jon and Jacques waving, but rather Jon holding a remote and Jacques standing on the other side of the screen. Jacques is now much bigger, and a darker green.

The logo shows Jon and Jacques jumping closer to the screen. Jon then pulls out a remote and presses the button, which starts the episode.

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