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ABC Family (US only)



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When this brand was being used, the rest of the world continued to using the Fox Kids brand until 2004.




In February 2004, Jetix debuted as a programming block on ABC Family and Toon Disney in the United States, after News Corporation (now 21st Century Fox) and Haim Saban sold the Fox Kids library to The Walt Disney Company as part of the sale of ABC Family (then known as Fox Family Channel) to Disney. On the first day of 2005, Fox Kids (as a television network outside of the United States) was rebranded as Jetix. On February 14, 2009, Jetix merged with Toon Disney, where it was eventually placed, into Disney XD (Disney Channel in certain European countries). The Jetix name no longer exists; Toon Disney was still available in Italy until October 1, 2011.