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Jack in the Box Hamburgers



Jack in the Box was first introduced in 1951 as Jack in the Box Hamburgers. Then it was renamed as Jack in the Box in 1978.

Jack in the Box (first era)



In 1978, the word Hamburgers was dropped from its name and introduced a new logo stylized as JACK IN THE BOX. Changes are that the red box was added with the picture of the print version of the mascot Jack. Under that is the name written in a new font. There was a prototype version of the next logo which has a red diamond showing half of Jack.



On March 20, 1980, Jack in the Box then rebranded their logo. Changes are that the name is basicly written in the same font but now inside the red diamond. Also, Jack was removed from the logo. To help avoid confusion with the toy, Jack in the Box was rebranded as Monterey Jack's in 1985. Then the original name came back alive in 1986. It was discontinued on March 15, 2009. This can still be seen at some remaining locations.

Monterey Jack's (1985-1986)

Jack-in-the-box-logo monterey-jacks

In 1985 Ralston Purina, who bought Jack in the Box in 1968, completely re-branded the chain. They got a new name, Monterey Jack’s and of course, a new logo. What they didn’t get was new customers, and so the change was reversed in 1986


Jack in the Box 2009 logo

In March 2009, Jack in the Box launched a new identity. It began with a series of Super Bowl advertisements in which Jack (the mascot) is hit by a bus and injured. In the fourth one, Jack gets rid of the old logo and puts the new one on, thus launching the new identity.

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