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It'saLaugh 2006

It's a Laugh Productions was said to have been first created in November 2003. The first television series to be officially produced under the It's a Laugh banner were the Disney Channel original comedies, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and Hannah Montana. This logo started to be phased out in 2009, when Disney Channel began transitioning its original series from standard definition to high definition, and the current version of the logo began to be used, the last series to use this version of the logo was Hannah Montana, as it did not begin broadcasting in HD until its fourth season.


It'saLaugh HD

In February 2009, a slightly altered version of the logo made for high definition was introduced, it was first seen on the Disney Channel series Sonny with a Chance. In the end of Girl Meets World, The End Music For Michael Jacobs Productions Is Heared when the logo cuts to It's a Laugh Productions.

It's A Laugh 2015

This logo was revealed on May 22, 2015. However, the shows produced by the company continues to use the previous logo. The Logo do not appear in the end of the show

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