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1969 - 1974

Inter-City 1969

Prior to 1969, Inter-City was represented by the British Rail logo accompanied by the Inter-City name in various typefaces.

1974 - 1978

Inter-City 1960s

1978 - 1987

InterCity 1978

A new black, beige and red livery was introduced in 1978. At the same time, the hyphen in the logotype was removed.

1987 - 1996

200px-InterCity Logo

To celebrate the 21st anniversary of InterCity, a new logo was introduced. The 'Arrows of Indecision' logo was replaced in favour of a swallow. This logo was used for InterCity 225 services from its inception in 1988. Elements from this era of branding were also used for the Gatwick Express service.

InterCity 125

1966 - 1983

InterCity 1966

1983 - 1984

InterCity 125 1983

A hyphenless version was used briefly.

1984 - 1987

InterCity 125 1984

The name was shortened in 1987 (see the InterCity section above).

InterCity APT

1980 - 1986

InterCity APT
InterCity APT was the name used for services using the Advanced Passenger Train. The services ceased in 1986.


1983 - 1989

ScotRail 1983

Locomotive hauled services used rolling stock painted in modified InterCity livery.

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