Intel Inside

This logo was used in both standalone and associated processors.


IntelInside 2003

A highly similar logo to the previous one, but with the wordmark changed to resemble the original 1968 Intel logo, with the lowering of the "e" in "intel" as well as a different typeface. The circle was also slightly modified as well. This logo was used in tandem with the 1991 logo until the introduction of Intel's current logo.


Intel Inside 2012


Intel Inside 2005-2009-1

Intel phased out the original corporate Intel and Intel Inside logos in favor of a new base Intel logo, clearly inspired by the older Intel Inside logo, but omitted the word "inside". The typeface was changed to Neo Sans Intel, a modified version of Neo Sans by Monotype. In some instances the slogan "Leap ahead" was added to the corporate logo.

Intel Inside 2006 v2.2



Intel Inside2

In 2009, the logo was changed to a horizontal shape with a visual exposure of silicon inside the label, to help portray the idea that Intel's processors were beside the chips and wiring inside computers. The various brand names that used this basic design included Core 2 (Solo, Duo, Quad, Extreme, vPro), Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Atom, Pentium and Xeon. Others included Chipset, Server Board and Workstation Board.


180px-Intel Inside 2011-Present

The Intel Inside logos were modified by moving the exposed silicon to the middle of the logo, with a different texture on the shape. It also moved the word "inside" next to the Intel logo, more closely associating the two words. The product brand name is displayed at the bottom of the logo.

This logo was unveiled with the launch of Intel's second-generation Core processors (codenamed Sandy Bridge), and was also used to promote Intel's third-gen Core processors (codenamed Ivy Bridge). Note that Pentium and Celeron, as well as Intel's first-gen Core processors continued to use the previous logo.



Intel Inside logo (2013)

A new version of the previous logo was introduced in 2013; the logo returned to having a vertical layout, the silicon image was moved to the top of the logo, and the logo was given a more two-dimensional look. The word "inside" is also not italic. The computer brand name is still at the bottom of the logo except on Celeron chips, which only have an "Intel Inside" label without the processor name.


Intel Inside 2014

The typeface used on the word "inside" was changed in 2014, as part of a company-wide change, from Neo Sans Intel to Intel Clear , designed by Dalton Maag .


Content intelins

A new logo with the Intel Inside logo from the previous logo set against a blue silicon image was introduced in 2015.