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Yorkshire TV 1968 Yorkshire Television Ytv nighttime ident t1271a Ytv 3 ident a Yorkshire 1999
1968–1970 1970–1994 1994–1996 1996–1999 1999–2001
200px-Yorkshire 2001.svg ITV Yorkshire 2002 ITV Yorkshire 2004 ITV Yorkshire ITV Yorkshire 2013
2001–2002 2002–2004 2004–2006 2006–2013 2013–present

Yorkshire Television

1967-1968 (pre-launch)

Yorkshire Prelaunch logo

Designed 1967. This even cancelled as a pre-launch logo when replaced with the 1968 logo. Only seen on production captions on school programs made by Yorkshire before it started its franchise. From


Yorkshire TV 1968

Yorkshire Television began in 1968, after the northern franchise was split, with Granada Television continuing to broadcast to the north-west. Two companies applied for the new franchise; "Telefusion Yorkshire Ltd" and "Yorkshire Independent Television", the companies eventually performed a 'shotgun marriage' becoming Yorkshire Television. Their symbol was the Chevron.


Yorkshire Television

During the beginning of the 1970s, ITV broadcast in colour for the first time. In 1987, Yorkshire aired its Liquid Gold ident, which at the time cost £40,000 (~£80,000 in 2015) to make.

1989–1994 (ITV)

Yorkshire Television 1989

In 1989, ITV made their first generic look. After 1990, this version was only used on programme slides until 1994.


1991–1994 (ITV)

Yorkshire Television 1990

With the beginning of the 1990s, the triangle was dropped probably due to only one part of the symbol on the triangle. The logo zooms into the screen after the ITV logo forms.



Ytv nighttime ident t1271a


Ytv 3 ident a


Yorkshire 1999


200px-Yorkshire 2001.svg

ITV became ITV1 on 11th August 2001. This is an example of the Yorkshire version.

ITV Yorkshire


ITV Yorkshire 2002

In 2002, the Chevron was dropped after 34 years of the symbol.


ITV Yorkshire 2004


ITV Yorkshire


ITV Yorkshire 2013

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