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First Report


First Report 1972

News at One (first era)


News at One 1974


News at One 1983


News at One 1988

News At 12.30


News at 1230 1987


News at 1230 1989

News at One (second era)


News at One 1989

ITN Lunchtime News


ITN Lunchtime News 1992


ITN Lunchtime News 1993


ITN Lunchtime News 1995
In 1995, ITN relaunced their bulletins with a 'Big Ben' clockface titles and a familiar theme tune as well as a new logo.

ITV Lunchtime News (First Era)


ITV Lunchtime News Titles (1999)

On Monday 8th March 1999, ITV News had a relaunch across almost all their bulletins (ITV Morning News got this look in 2000), This is for the Lunchtime News.


ITV Lunchtime News 1999

After 'News at Ten' was brought back on Monday 22nd January 2001, all ITV News bulletins had its titles tweaked slightly. This example is for the ITV Lunchtime News. Also, the lunchtime bulletin reverted to one presenter.


ITV Lunchtime News 2003
On Monday 23rd June 2003, ITV refreshed its news titles to change the colour scheme from 'Red and Blue' to 'Yellow and Blue' - The colours of the ITV Logo.


On Monday 2nd February 2004, ITV refreshed their news bulletins with a new look using ITV's 4-square motif.


ITV News Titles (2006)

On Monday 16th January 2006, ITV News has had a new look following the change of corporate logo. On Monday 4th September 2006, ITV Lunchtime News moved from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.


Itvnews catherwood06a-01
On Saturday 1st December 2007, ITV News went widescreen.

 February-November 2009

ITV Lunchtime News Titles (2009)

On Monday 2nd February 2009, ITV News dropped the clockface ending of their titles and replaced it with the studio shot with the 'ITV News' logo. This version is for the Lunchtime News.

ITV News at 1.30


ITV News 2009
On Monday 2nd November 2009, ITV has completely overhauled their news system by changing the name of the bulletin, in this case the weekday lunchtime bulletin from 'ITV Lunchtime News' to 'ITV News at 1.30'.


Itvnews christmas 2010a-small
To coincide with ITV1's new logo, ITV News has changed their logo slightly on Monday 24th May 2010.


On Monday 14th January 2013, to coincide with ITV's major rebrand, ITV News have completely overhauled their bulletins.

ITV Lunchtime News (Second Era)

On Monday 12th October 2015, the ITV News at 1.30 was renamed the ITV Lunchtime News. The titles remained the same, though.

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