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ITV4 (not used) ITV4 logo ITV4 logo 2013
2005 (pre-launch) 2005–2013 2013–present

2005 (pre-launch)

ITV4 (not used)

Before ITV officially unveiled their new logo, a unused ITV4 logo, which had the 2004 variant of their 1998 logo was seen on their annual report.


ITV4 logo

ITV4 was launched on November 1, 2005. It used the new ITV logo from the start, adopting it over two months before the rest of ITV. The identity was created by Red Bee Media. The idents were based on a concept of "collision of opposites", where one initial scene would be altered to become something different.

"As the newest addition to the family the creative proposition for ITV4 is based around “the collision of opposites” with the aim of the channel to alter the opinion of male viewers about ITV. The idents for this channel are each based on the concept that things aren’t always as they seem and that appearances can be deceptive." ITV plc press release

The original idents were replaced by new computer animated ones in September 2007. They were made for ITV Creative and produced by Slinky Pictures. They were created and directed by Juan Garcia and co-directed by Michelle Yu.


ITV4 logo 2013

As part of the ITV rebranding on January 14, 2013, ITV4 received a "slate grey" version of the 2013 ITV logo, establishing ITV4 as both the "home of sport and cult classics" and a "man club". Idents feature viewer nominated "dreams come true" (for example, driving a Rolls Royce into a swimming pool), while channel promotion will include pub factoids.[1]

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