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2010–present (iOS 4-6)

IOS logo 2010

2010–2013 (iOS 4-5)

Apple iOS
Logo 20111005

In WWDC 2010, Apple renamed iPhone OS to iOS and released iOS 4. This logo was used from iOS 4 to iOS 5. The iPhone OS name, however, still remains use in the "OS Version" section of crash reports, which can be accessed by going to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage > Diagnostics & Usage Data > internal name of app-Date (yyyy-mm-dd)-ID[1].

2012–2015 (iOS 6)

IOS logo 2012

The letters became more separate from each other, and the shadowing and lighting was updated on the logo, and the logo became black. This was used in iOS 6, the last version to use Steve Jobs' design.

2013–present (iOS 7-10)

2013–present (iOS 7-10)

Apple iOS new

In WWDC 2013, Apple released iOS 7 with a new look and feel, and a thinner font. This logo is still used in iOS 10 for some parts.

2016–present (iOS 10)

IOS 10
IOS wordmark (2017)
IOS 10 logo

In WWDC 2016, Apple released iOS 10 with new features like the improved Messages App, the improved lock screen, the redesigned Apple Music App, the redesigned Maps app, rich notifications, and multiple screens in the control center. The slogan of iOS 10 is "Big. Bold. Beautiful" as shown on the Apple website. It has the bold letters from iOS 4-6 with the iOS 7-10 design and interface. During beta versions, the logo was very similar to the iOS 4-6 logo but it is flat. After the release of iOS 10, the font was changed from Myriad to San Francisco, having been first used in the Apple Watch and Apple Music logos and also used in the iPhone 7 logo. The new font is expected to roll out on the website by late 2017.



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