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Ward Body Works

1933 - 1992

All school buses from Ward had air stop arms because electric stop arms were not introduced until 1992.


1992 - 2002

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In 1992 Ward Body Words was renamed as American Transportation Corporation (AmTran) and in 1996 Navistar International bought AmTran.

IC Bus

1996 - present

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IC Bus Logo

In 1996 Navistar International bought AmTran. But the logo became offically used in 2001. And also became used in Canada in 2004.

2016 (tentative)

IC Logos05
In 2016 IC Bus will introduce a New logo with the "BUS" byline underneath the I and the C. All school buses with this IC Bus logo will use electric stop arms because electric stop arms are more modern than air operated stop arms. Air stop arms will be Defunct by late 2015.

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