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The first logotype is a symbol dating back to when Husqvarna was a factory producing musket barrels for the army, helping the soldiers to aim at their target.

In 1790 and onwards, other logotypes also appeared.


Husqvarna logo 60s

This logotype was used together with several other variants of the crown between 1912-1972.


Husqvarna logo
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This Husqvarna logotype was created by Hormaz Kapadia at the Jönköping-based agency Gumaelius Annonsbyrå in 1973. Their task was to create a logotype with a modern look. “The old logotype, with the gothic H, did not work in dealers’ small ads and the old gothic H looked Japanese to the Americans, and that was not the intended connotation,” Hormaz Kapadia says. “The logotype was created with sewing machines in mind. In the 1970s, orange was the color on fashion, and the new reflex blue had just been created. Thus, it was quite natural for us to use those colors,” Hormaz says. The creation of a new logotype was very much a task for the Board of Directors. The people at the agency really created a timeless logotype and a full profile for Husqvarna. When viewing the first binder from 1973, it is very similar to today’s guidelines, more than 40 years later.


Logo petit
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In 2012, it was decided to create a corporate logotype, Husqvarna Group, to show the offering of the Group. There is a clear relationship between the corporate brand and the Husqvarna product brand, but the word ‘Group’ has been added to the corporate brand name. During this point of time, both the logotype of the Husqvarna product brand and the Group's brand turned darker blue. This logotype was created by the Stockholm-based brand development consultancy agency Grow.

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