Hardee's logo 1973

1976–1999; 2018–Present

Hardees 1984

Used from 1976 to 1999 and was usually depicted in orange with a brown or blue background. The logo was revived in 2018.


Hardees 2004

When Hardee's became part of CKE Restaurants in 1999, the star from the Carl's Jr. logo was introduced into Hardee's chain of restaurants, along with the wordmark utilizing the same font from its sister logo. The now-sister chain had since then been referred to some as the "Carl's Jr. of the East coast".


Hardee's 2007

When Carl's Jr.'s logo was changed in 2006, Hardee's adopted that same exact change, albeit with Hardee's name instead of Carl's Jr.'s and "Thickburgers" instead of simply "Burgers".


Hardee's 2017

Along with Carl's Jr.'s logo change and a new campaign on March 29, 2017 with the fictional Carl Hardee Sr. (which also involved the red background being removed), Hardee's once again, took suit with the foundation from its sister chain's new logo, but again, with Hardee's name in place of Carl's Jr.'s.