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Happy TV (As a network that timeshared with TV Košava (1998-2010))


Happy TV's first logo was a leaf which was yellow with a happy face in it. It is shown on some cartoons, even it is however, an unofficial logo.



Happy TV (As its own network)


Happy TV

Launched on September 27, 2010, as its own network, Happy TV introduces a new logo: becoming silver, and removing the flower and replacing with a smiley emoticon. The wordmark remains unchanged, except for the color.


Happy tv logo


Happy tv new logo

A minor update of the logo launched on April 18, 2014, around afternoon. The logo remained the same, thus the smiley emoticon was removed from the logo.

2015 (unused)

Happy tv new logo 2015

On November 19, 2015, Happy TV unveiled a new logo, however it was only seen on a poster which detailed a new programming schedule. As of now, the new logo is still not used on-screen.

However, Happy TV won't retire the 2014 rebrand. Instead of withdrawing the 2014 logo, it will instead continue using the 2014 logo for this.

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