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Home Box Office


HBO 1972

For the first four years of the network's existence, HBO identified itself with a still image of its original logo, a ticket stub and the channel's full name "Home Box Office" surrounded by a marquee light design.



HBO Logo 1975

HBO's logo has looked essentially the same since 1975, utilizing a simple wordmark with a circle inside the "O." One difference is that the early logo had the "O" overlapping the "B." The logo and the next one were designed by Betty Brugger, the Art Director for Time-Life at that time. In network IDs, the 1975 version of the HBO logo was often accompanied by three red, yellow and blue lines.



HBO logo

In 1980, the logo was revised and the "O" was moved slightly to the right. The older 1975 logo and its tri-colored lines were gradually phased out in 1981; a major reason for the change was that the partially obscured "B" gave people the impression it was actually an "E."

In 1982, HBO introduced a well-known intro for its feature presentations that was created by Liberty Studios, and has been given the nickname "HBO in Space" by many viewers. In the intro, the camera would pan through a model city before going into outer space, with a stargate effect that reveals a silver HBO logo, which rotates across a starfield and moves toward the camera before multi-colored beams move around the "O" and take the camera inside it, where the type of program is revealed (generally the feature presentation). For many years, a shorter version of this opening sequence was used, which started from the portion of the sequence showing the starfield.

Another well known use of the HBO logo is the "static intro" shown immediately before and after HBO's original productions.

Another well know use of the HBO Logo is the HBO City logo used from 1998-2011.

In 2010, two new idents for HBO (created by JL Design) were launched. The two new idents are Magnet and Dreamscape.


  • For other related logos and images see: HBO/Other

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