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This was the first Gatorade logo with the lighting bolt.


Gatorade 1980's


Gatorade 91

1994–1998, 2015

Logo gatorade

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, beginning in March of 2015, Gatorade re-used this logo for special edition throwback bottles.



2004–2008 (International), 2004-2013 (Philippines)

Gatorade logo

The white rectangle was removed and the lighting bolt got jazzed up.

2008–present (International), 2013-present (Philippines)


In November, 2008, the logo has given a new look with the lighting bolt move into the letter "G" and given a flatter less realistic texture. Also used for the Philippines in 2013.

2015 (North America)

Gatorade 50th Anniversary logo USA

In February 2015 Gatorade celebrated its 50th Anniversary by bringing back its iconic logo. This logo resembles the 1994–1998 logo that was used in the North American market at the time, with very minor changes. The 2015 logo is also slightly smaller on the bottle labels than the 1994 logo as well. Research was done and this was the logo most people identified with when they thought of the Gatorade brand, so it was brought back.

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