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The Game Show Channel

1992–1994 (prelaunch)

Game Show Logo

This logo was used only in early print advertisements in 1992 for the proposed network.

Game Show Network

1994 (prelaunch)

Game Show Network Flyer ad Logo

This was only used as a prelaunch logo before the channel actually launched.


Game Show Network (1994)

The first official logo was designed by Curious Pictures.


Game Show Network (1997)

The Game Show Network received its first overhaul in 1997 by Lee Hunt Associates.


GSN 2004

Game Show Network decided to rebrand itself as GSN on March 15, 2004. A new logo was also made. It consisted of a black square with a blue "GSN". The look also came with the slogan "The Network For Games". A refresh was launched on April 22, 2007 with the tagline "Get in the Game"



The logo was introduced in 2008. The logo could be colored using five different color palettes: purple, blue, green, orange and red. It still remains on, albeit with the Emoji variant in place of the normal logo. The rebrand was handled by Buster Design and Stun Creative.


GSN 2015

On June 3, 2015, GSN introduced a modified version of the unused logo shown below on their Facebook page. The logo was put into use on the same day. The logo is designed by Eyeball.