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Göteborgs universitet

As the university entered the digital age, it had become apparent that the old seal didn't work. Between 2005 and 2007, a project was carried out to seek a new visual profile. Different solutions for a new symbol were tried, but the conclusion was to keep the old seal, but renovate it.[1][2][3] The project was spearheaded by Eva Engstrand of the School of Design and Crafts.

The old petrogryphs were kept, but were changed from outlined figured to filled ones. The were also cleaned up and slightly redrawn. The typeface in the seal was changed to a clearer one which was easier to read. The latin word "Regia", which means royal in Latin, was dropped. Earlier suggestions added the initials "GU" to the seal, but this was changed to the year 1891 in the final version. The institution didn't gain university status until 1954, but the "university college" which preceeded it was founded in 1891.

January 22, 2007, was the official date for the switch to the new logo.[4]