Fun Spot America Theme Parks is a theme park company located in the Orlando-Kissimmee, FL Metropolitan Area. It has two parks, one in Orlando and one in Kissimmee. They use the slogan #BestDayEver. The former slogan was "It's Huge!" Their website is They are the only theme park company in Orlando that is family-operated. The theme is Americana.

It started as Fun N Wheels in Orlando in 1979. In 1990, it opened the first Fun Spot Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach, SC. It opened a second in Virginia Beach, VA. Both closed in 1998. They moved back to Orlando in 1997. They opened Fun Spot Action Park in Orlando, FL on December 24, 1997. They bought land from Bill Kitchen, the land, which was in Kissimmee, had the largest SkyCoaster in the world (it holds this title to this day), Fun Spot developed the land to a new park that opened as Fun Spot USA in 2007. In 2010, they bought 10 acres of vacant land next to Fun Spot Action Park, which became an expansion that opened in 2013. They renamed both parks to Fun Spot America- Orlando and Fun Spot America- Kissimmee. The Orlando park then had a small expansion, in collaboration with Gatorland, to make Gator Spot, which houses a rare White Bouya Gator. Gator Spot opened on May 11, 2015. There are new planned expansions for the Orlando park. They have operated 5 amusement areas in their history (Fun N Wheels in Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, Orlando, and Kissimmee), with the last four being theme parks. They are planning to expand their Orlando park. They are also planning to make a new park along west US 192.

Orlando (Fun Spot Action Park)

December 24, 1997-June 8, 2013


This logo was used for the Fun Spot Action Park.


This was the old entrance.

Kissimmee (Fun Spot USA)

2007-June 8, 2013


This logo was used for Fun Spot USA.


This was the Fun Spot USA entrance.

Fun Spot America Theme Parks

June 8, 2013-present

Fun Spot America Theme Parks Logo

This is the current logo.


This is the Fun Spot Orlando entrance next to the 2nd tallest SkyCoaster in the world! The tallest SkyCoaster in the world is at Fun Spot America Kissimmee! In the bottom right, you can see a slight glimpse of the Vekoma-made Freedom Flyer roller coaster.

Above is a link to the planned Orlando expansion.

Above is another link to another rendering of the expansion to Orlando.

Above is a link to an article about the Orlando expansion.