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France Télévision


France Télévision 1992
France Télévision 1992


France Télévision 2000

France Télévisions


France Télévisions

On January 7, 2002, a new look with new logos for the group and all its channels was introduced. At the same time, a plural-s was added to the name which became France Télévisions. At the same time La Cinquème changed its name to France 5, in line with its two big sisters.

France 2 3 5

The new look heavily features "screens" flying through the air. The new corporate logo consists of four blue screens with the new company name written underneath in all lowercase. The channel logos were also screens seen at an angle.


France Télévisions 2008

On April 7, 2008, France Télévisions introduced a company-wide image refresh, which included an updated logo and the addition of gradients to the logos of each channel. The company logo was refreshed by adding a fifth "screen" and adding colours to the screens according to the logos of five of the group's main channels.



Starting on September 5, 2011, France Télévisions replaced the five screens on their corporate logo with the logos of the 6 channels operated by the company.


France télévisions 2012 logo

In 2012, the screens were removed, leaving only the wordmark.

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