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La Cinq

La Cinq was France's first free private television network. Launched on 20 February 1986, it was owned by Mediaset and functioned as a sister channel to the Italian Canale 5. La Cinq had some success, but didn't live as long as its Italian counterpart. It ceased operations on 12 April 1992 after being liquidated by the tribunal de commerce of Paris nine days earlier due to its inability to repay its debt.

Some of the empty space left by the financial collapse of La Cinq was filled by Arte when it launched on 30 May 1992. In March 1994, Télé Emploi (a temporary public channel created in order to help people with finding jobs) was launched to fill the remainder of the space that was used by La Cinq; Télé Emploi was replaced by La Cinquième on 13 December 1994, a new public channel dedicated to education and documentaries.


Logo 1986 page 4045b15d


LA 5 1991
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On screen, only the digit 5 was showed.

Télé Emploi

March-April 1994

Tele emploi

La Cinquème


La Cinquième logo 1994


La Cinquème

In 1999, La Cinquème launched a new identity created by Aart Design. This included a refreshed logo.[1]

France 5


France 5 logo 2002

On January 7, 2002, France Télévisions introduced a new look for its three channels. At the same time La Cinquème changed its name to France 5, in line with its two big sisters.

The colour green was chosen to symbolise "fertility and freshness" ("la fertilité et la fraîcheur"). As the colours of France 2 and France 3 are red and blue, the green colour completes the RGB colour model.

The first new look for France 5 came in March 2002. The idents for this look showed filmed scenes where a flood, whirl or burst of letters suddenly appear. Other parts of the identity for France 5 was minimalist with moving text on solid backgrounds in pastelle colours.


After a while, France 5 changed graphics again. The "flood of letters" theme was kept, but this time the letters themselves would form objects and scenes against pastelle backgrounds.


France 5 logo 2008

On April 7, 2008, France Télévisions introduced a company-wide image refresh, which included an updated logo and the addition of gradients to the logos of each channel.

A new look was launched in October 2008.

In 2008, France 5 left its minimalist idents and graphics. This idents now feature choreographed people.

2017 (upcoming)

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