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La Troisième Chaîne Couleur de l'ORTF


3eme chaine couleur


A better version of this logo is needed, due to the picture quality, inaccuracies or other issues with the uploaded logo. You can help Logopedia by uploading it here. ]ORTF launched its third television channel, La troisième chaîne, on December 31, 1972.

France Régions 3



In 1974, it was decided that the ORTF would be broken up into smaller entities, including three separate organisations for each of the TV channels. The third channel would be operated by France Régions 3, or FR3 for short, which would also take over ORTF's regional offices.

ORTF ceased to be at the end of 1974, and the channels changed their names of January 6. The logo for FR3 would be the name of the channel inside a blue hexagon, inside an eye.


720px-Logo FR3 1986.svg

A large golden 3 replaced the eye logo in 1986.


520px-FR3 logo 1988.svg

In 1987, FR3 introduced its distincitve "eye" graphics.


524px-FR3 1991.svg

On February 4, 1991, FR3 introduced a new look, and the "eyes" were confined to history. It was the last logo of FR3 prior to its merger with Antenne 2 (now known as France 2).

[1] [2]

France 3


France 3 logo 1992

On September 7, 1992, the organisations behind the two public television channels, Antenne 2 and FR3, merged to form France Télévision. The names were changed at the same time to France 2 and France 3, and both were given new logos and looks.

The new identity for the two channels was created by Gédéon. They started at the numbers of the channels and went for a solution involving splitscreens. France 2's graphics focused on two vertical splitscreens, while France 3's graphics involved three horizontal splitscreens.

The graphics were altered several times during the 1990s and early 2000s, but the logo remained. Gédéon stayed involved with much France 3's graphics.


France 3 logo 2002

On January 7, 2002, France Télévisions introduced a new look across all its three channels. At the same times La Cinquème changed its name to France 5, in line with its two big sisters. The rebrand cost 2,3 million euros and was done by Gédéon.

France 3's graphics and breakbumpers initially continued on the same theme, with only the logo changing.

In September 2003, France 3 introduced a completely new look, finally shedding some remains of its 1992 look. The break bumpers would now feature French skylines.


France 3 logo 2008
PLUZZ 3 2015

On April 7, 2008, France Télévisions introduced a company-wide image refresh, which included an updated logo and the addition of gradients to the logos of each channel. Although some new graphics were introduced and the logo was moved, this didn't change any fundamental elements of France 3's on-screen presentation.


France 3 (2016)
In January 2016, France 3 changed its logo back to the 2002 one, but with the "france" text removed and the blue being a little darker.

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