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Fox Kids Network



Fox Kids launched in 1990 as Fox Kids Network, a six-day-a-week program block on the Fox network in the United States.


Fox Kids Network 1992


Fox Kids logo 1993

Even during the following logo and a few months in 1997, this logo was still being used on bumpers.


Fox Kids logo 1996

This logo incorporates the main Fox Network logo, and resembles the 20th Century Fox logo.



This logo debuted during the network's "Weird Week" promotion in February of 1997. The logo change would become permanent by Spring 1997 with the slogan "Rocks Kids". This logo would end its run with the slogan "Take the Ride" and be replaced with the following logo in the summer. The "network" in the logo's font is in Ad Lib.


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Fox Kids

The word "Network" was dropped in the summer of 1998; Like the 1997-1998 logo, the lights are a reference to the 20th Century Fox searchlights. It is the most recognizable logo from the block.


Fox Kids

This logo was used from August 1998 to December 2001.

2001-2004 (Australia only)

FK White variant

The Australian version used an entirely new logo in 2001 until 2004.

January-September 2002


This logo was only used in the final eight months in the US before it was replaced on Fox by FoxBox in September 2002, however it was not used internationally; while the brand was axed in the United States, it continued until 2005 in other countries, when it was rebranded as Jetix.

2012-2015 (Finland)

In 2012, the brand was revived on the Finnish version of Fox, using the 2D version of the 1998 logo.

2015-present (Finland)


In 2015 the logo was updated in Finland. A more rounded version of the Fox logo appears behind the multi-coloured 'KIDS' in 3D with the 'D' in kids appearing the wrong way round. The rebranding was accompanied by six five second indents and a series of promos.

2015-present (Latin America)


In 2014, the Fox Kids brand was launched again as a section of the Fox Premium Play streaming website, due to the purchase of MovieCity by Fox Networks Group Latin America.