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TV Food Network Food Network 1997 Food Network Food Network 2013 FN-Logo
1993–1997 1997–2002 2002–2013 2013–2015 2015–present

TV Food Network


TV Food Network

TV Food Network launched at 6:00am on November 22, 1993.

Food Network


Food Network 1997

In 1997, Television Food Network was dropped from the logo.


Food Network

Introduced on January 7, 2002. However, the UK version of Food Network has continued using the 2003 logo scheme.


Food Network 2013

Food Network unveiled a re-designed version of the 2003 logo on January 6, 2013 with a different font and added shading. The Latin American version launched in 2015 continues to use this logo.


On May 11, 2015, Food Network updated its logo.

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