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Fantástico logo 1973

Passing through two openings, the full logo has a white silhouette of dancers above the title around lines.


Fantástico logo 1973 gold

In 1974, the logo color changed to gold when Globo started broadcasting in color.


Fantástico logo 1979

This logo simulates in 3D. It is the first to not have "O Show da Vida" in the title, simplifying the title.


Fantástico (1983)

First 3D logo, part of the logo is lying and the pyramid stood in the center of the title.

Fantástico 1983 logo clips

Videoclip version


Fantástico logo ID 1987

PNG version


Fantástico logo ID 1994


Fantástico logo ID 1995


Fantastico 1995

PNG version


PNG version

Fantástico (1999)

The 1995 logo was almost silvery around a fully fireball lit, this intro was only shown in sponsorship, which is based on the introduction from set totally virtual.



A golden spiral 2D logo is placed in an almost invisible plate, there is a white light in a space neutral background.



The logo was displayed in some GCs and even closures at the premiere of the next opening. The intro was displayed wrongly in August 7, 2011 and a sponsorship in January 22, 2012. Around the ray of light, spiral logo becomes light golden and back to 3D standard compared to the previous. The blue background is covered with clouds and some stars.


Fantástico logo ID 2010

The logo had little decrease in width, golden color receives shadows and lights, the 3D model of the logo was stretched similar to the 1995 logo. In the background space is neutral, and sometimes, the space background turned blue. This "space" identity gave way to a program spin-off called "O Show da Vida é Fantástico" on Canal Viva.


The intros for intervals were used only in the special 2000th edition versions of these logos are used on screen during some news.


Fantastico logo 2014

This is the retelling of the 2005 logo, except that the background is more simplified (as the clouds were removed from the background) and the title font is silver, reminiscent of Rede Globo's newly adopted gloss texture on its logo, which was launched on the same year.


2016 (Summer Olympics version)


Fantástico logo ID 2014

Fantastico logo 2017
Fantástico 2017 2


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