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Family Feud Aussie Family Feud Australia 1980s --File-familyfeud.jpg-center-300px-- 10 header live
1977-1984 (Nine Network) 1988-1996 (Seven Network) 2006-2007 (Nine Network) 2014-present (Network TEN)

1977-1984 (Nine Network)

Family Feud Aussie

1988-1996 (Seven Network)

Family Feud Australia 1980s
Family Feud 1994

Celebrity Family Feud (1990-1991)

Celebrity Family Feud 90's Australia

2006-2007 (Nine Network)

Bert's Family Feud


When the series was revived between 2006 and 2007 by the Nine Network, it was known as Bert's Family Feud and was hosted by Bert Newton. In addition, unlike its previous incarnations before it, this version had two female assistants named Mandy Ritchie and Kathryn Trapani who helped the second player to get in and out of his or her booth during the Fast Money round segment of the show.

2014-present (Network TEN)

Family Feud

10 header live
Family Feud Australia 2014

All Star Family Feud (2016-present)

All Star Family Feud 2016
All Star Family Feud Australia 2016 promo

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