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Eurovision old emblem

During the first forty years of Eurovision's history, broadcasts would starts and end with a title card containing a circle consisting of twelve stars made up of lines with the letters of the word "Eurovision" put in between the stars. In the middle of the circle, the logo of the originating broadcaster could be seen. The title card was accompanied by the prelude to Charpentier's "Te Deum". The logo was designed in 1954 by Timothy O'Brien, a stage designer at the BBC. This was the same year when Rai broadcasted for the first time the Sanremo Music Festival. Probably they used this logo.


Eurovision logo

As the EBU was expanding to the east during the mid-90s, they adopted a new logo. This logo was also used by Eurovision.


Eurovision logo 2012

In 2012, Eurovision unveiled a new logo created by Dunning Penney Jones.

Eurovision 2013 Animated
EUROVISION Animated logo00:11

EUROVISION Animated logo

Eurovision intro from 2012


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