Enterprise Leasing


Enterprise leasing logo
Founded in 1957 as Enterprise Leasing.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car


Enterprise 1950s

In 1971, Enterprise Leasing was rebranded as Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The font was changed and the "E" in the logo was made black.


Enterprise Logo 1989

In the 1990s, Enterprise launched a new logo and a new slogan "Pick Enterprise. We'll pick you up." The font was changed and the "E" returned green. A new black rectangle was given and the rest of the letters were made lowercase. This logo was still in use in some signs until 2013.


Special Logos


50th ann
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This logo was used for Enterprise Rent-A-Car's 50th anniversary.


Enterprise Rent-A-Car Logo

In 2007, they shortened the slogan which says "We'll pick you up." The "E" was made lowercase as well and the font was slightly altered.