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Emergency Broadcast System



This kind of screen is commonly used for mocks

Local Acess Alert


Nickelodeon eas

This (the white screen) was only used 2 times on KCAU-TV (in 1992,for a tornado warning) and Nickelodeon (June 2002,for a tropical storm watch). This "odd" Local Warning System consisted of a weird/disturbing "scrolling" noise and lots of people were scared of it at the time.

The Black Screen (much like it's relative,the Emergency Alert System) would have a black screen with the words "LOCAL ACESS ALERT" in all caps and in the VCR OSD Mono font.This was later replaced by the EAS.

Local alert system

Emergency Alert System

circa 1995-1997


this was originally recordedfor KBTC-TV 28 in Tacoma.This was a tape for only broadcast use.


Khou 1997

Only used for KHOU-TV Houston,Texas


In 1999,Comast made a green screen EAS. If it was a test,it would be green. If it was a warning,it would be red.It was discontinued in 2010 and replaced with the black screen EAS.The ticker was first seen in 1998 with the bald eagle picture.

Eas ghetoooo
Eas lansing
TV EAS RWT 2 19 2010

Required Weekly Test,used on February 19,2010

Eas default
Eas comcast green

EAS Green screen used in 1999. The tones were very weird-sounding and the picture was scrolling.




Eas 2001

This was only seen on WBNX,a CW TV station in Ohio.


EAS rockingham

In the early-late 2000's,lot's of people saw blue screens with red/green tickers at the bottom.This was seen again in 2010,but without the word's shadows,the screen was teal blue,and the ticker was green.There is another screen like this if you have Xfinity X1,but with a few differences.You can make a screen like this in Windows Movie Maker.The first EAS YouTube video was in 2006.


A 2008 flood warning.

Eas mistake


The well-known black screen EAS is the most popular kind of EAS screen.According to a YouTuber Craig Baker,this screen first started being used by Mediacom in 2005.Broadcast Station or Cable System tests were used from 2007-2011. Sometimes an inverted EAS would be seen in 2008 and 2011.The first black-screen EAS video on YouTube was in 2007.The font for this screen is a smooth version of

Eas arent

"VCR OSD Mono".

Eas cookies
Eas child
Eas broadcast

A Required Monthly Test issued in 2007,and uploaded on YouTube in 2008 by brainsponge.

National EAS
Eas 2009

An EAS Tornado Warning issued for Marshall County in June 2009.

Eas thunder


Idea onics
Eas 2008


This can be seen commonly on black box digital Comast/Xfinity boxes.

Required Monthly Test of Emergency Alert System in New Jersey EAS


This can only be seen on X1.This looks just like the 2004 screen but with a few differences:

.The screen is black,not blue

.The screen says "EMERGENCY ALERT" and looks like it was made in Windows Movie Maker.

Eas attack

National alert for a nuclear attack.

Eas repat

A required weekly test.