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This logo was used throughout Ellie Goulding's whole career.


Ellie Goulding logo - Under the Sheets - 2009

Used only on the cover art of Goulding's 2009 single, "Under the Sheets".


Ellie Goulding logo - Lights - 2010

Used during promotions for, and for cover art of, Goulding's debut studio album, Lights, and its reissue, Bright Lights. Also used on all of its accompanying singles with the exception of "Under the Sheets".


Ellie Goulding logo - Halcyon - 2012

Used for promotions for, and cover art of, Goulding's second studio album, Halcyon, and its reissue, Halcyon Days. Also being used on all of its accompanying singles. Later was used on Delirium (2015) however it was changed due to creativity differences.


Ellie Delirium Logo
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Currently being used for promotions for, and cover art of, Goulding's third studio album, Delirium, and all of its accompanying singles.

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