The Greater Anglia franchise was formed by the merger of the InterCity Great Eastern, Great Eastern and the West Anglia half of the West Anglia Great Northern franchises. It was renamed as East Anglia in 2016.

Greater Anglia

One Railway



In 2004, National Express won the right to operate the then new Greater Anglia franchise. It was branded 'One' which was an acronym for "Operated by National Express".

National Express East Anglia



In 2008, the franchise was rebranded 'National Express East Anglia'.

Greater Anglia


Greater Anglia

In 2012, the franchise was awarded to Abellio who branded the franchise as Greater Anglia, after the official franchise name.

Abellio Greater Anglia


Abellio Greater Anglia

In late 2013, Greater Anglia's name and logotype were merged with its parent company.

East Anglia

Greater Anglia

2016 - present


In 2016, the name Abellio was dropped from its logo, similar to the earlier logo in 2012 and 2013, while retaining the font.