EBay old EBay 1995 EBay 2012
1995 1995–2012 2012–present


EBay old

When eBay was launched, they did not have a logo, instead eBay was written as plain text in Times New Roman.


EBay 1995

In 1995, eBay changed its logo. It had a new font, with transparent letters in the air overlapping.



EBay 2012

In October 2012, eBay updated its logo for the first time in 17 years since its first launch in late 1995. The letters were changed to meet their own fixed widths and heights and are not overlapping, and were lined up. The letter e became darker, the indigo letter b is now blue, the letter A remains yellow, and the bright green Y has been changed from uppercase to lowercase.The font in This logo is Univers.


EBay 2017

The eBay logo was altered in 2017 by spacing the characters out slightly and renovating the color scheme. This included simplifying the logo to one color in marketing pieces. The coloured logo is still currently in use on the eBay website.