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EA Sports Network logo EA Sports 1993 EA Sports EA Sports 2005 EA Sports 2009 EA Sports 2013 EA Sports 2016
1991–1993 1993–2000 2000–2005 2005–2009 2009–2013 2013–2016 2016–present

Electronic Arts Sports Network


EA Sports Network logo

This logo was the insipration for the 1999 EA logo. It was later dropped in 1993 due to a lawsuit by ESPN.

EA Sports


EA Sports 1993

In 1993, Electronic Arts Sports Network was renamed as EA Sports. The EA letters changed color to red and included the SPORTS words on the bottom. (The logo was used presently).


EA Sports

The first variant of this present logo appeared on 2000. This logo was first used on FIFA 2001.


13044 fifa-16-prev


EA Sports 2005

In 2005, EA Sports slightly updated the logo. The grey curved circle was changed and the words SPORTS was changed to a different typeface.


EA Sports 2009


EA Sports 2013


EA Sports 2016

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