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Dunkin 50

Dunkie logo (1956–1960)

Dunkin 50's

The wordmark used around this time was implemented within a secondary logo, which featured Dunkin' Donuts' mascot at the time named Dunkie.


Dunkin 60's 1

In 1960, a new logo was introduced which featured an illustration of a circular wordmark representing a donut. The upper half was colored pink while the other half was situated inside a pink coffee cup, thus giving a visual meaning to the company's name.


1976–2002, 2017-present

Dunkin' Donuts Logo

In 1976, the first logo to be used in the current font was introduced, composed of the word "Dunkin" in orange and the word "Donuts" in hot pink below it. As of 2017, this logo is being reused in their commercials alongside with the 2006 logo.


Dunkin' Donuts 2002

In January 2002, Dunkin' Donuts unveiled a new logo, which added an illustration of a steaming styrofoam coffee cup outlined in orange with the company's wordmark set over a pink square, next to the previous logo.


Dunkin' Donuts

A modified version of the previous logo was introduced in 2006 without much fanfare, featuring a revised cup design with the full wordmark changed to read the company's alternate "DD" logo and the square behind it changed to be both orange and pink.