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Disney xd online Disney XD DisneyXD 15
2007–2009 2009–2015 2015–present

Disney Xtreme Digital


Disney xd online

Disney Xtreme Digital launched in May 2007 as an online-only network.

Disney XD

2009–2015, 2009–2016 (closing logo)

Disney XD

Toon Disney and Jetix both became a newly-renamed channel called "Disney XD". According to Disney, there is no particular reason why the phrase "XD" was chosen. Disney XD replaced Jetix and Toon Disney on February 13, 2009 at 12 a.m. ET.

Note:The logo is still used as a closing logo until 2016.


DisneyXD 15

Disney XD has gotten a new logo as of June 1, 2015, used in tandem with its predecessor until later in 2015. It was restyled in Argentina by 2veinte as part of the channel's worldwide rebranding. With this rebrand, the channel also seems to have a larger focus on animation than before, with some live-action shows still being aired.

Summer 2015 Preview Disney XD Official-002:16

Summer 2015 Preview Disney XD Official-0

Disney XD's Summer of 2015 preview


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