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Disney Channel Preschool Block


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On May 8, 1997, Disney Junior was launched as Disney Channel Preschool Block. They only used Disney Channel's branding.

Playhouse Disney (first era)


Playhouse disney 1007

Disney Channel Preschool Block was re-launched as Playhouse Disney on October 4, 1998 before the premiere of Out of the Box.


Playhouse disney logo

Playhouse Disney Channel



In Spring 2001, Playhouse Disney rebranded as Playhouse Disney Channel and got a new look. It was designed by Beehive which was phased out in 2007. Even though the Mickey TV set version of this logo was phased out in 2002, the version without the Mickey TV set continued to be used until 2011.

Playhouse Disney (second era)


Playhouse Disney logo

Because Disney Channel already got its new look on October 7, 2002, Playhouse Disney Channel rebranded and backed to Playhouse Disney with a new logo.

Disney Junior


Disney Junior

On February 14, 2011, Playhouse Disney rebranded as Disney Junior.