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1997-1998 (Original Movies Version)

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As seen on Under Wraps and You Lucky Dog.

Disney Channel




Disney Channel Original 2000

Disney Channel Originals


Disney Channel Original 2002

This logo was introduced in September 2002 upon the rebrand to the current logo, and was used as a bumper that was aired prior to the start of an airing of a Disney Channel-produced series until 2007; it was used during end credit production logos on its series until June 2011, however it continues to be featured during the end credits the channel's original movies.

It features pixie dust flying to the top of the screen over a black background; it explodes and forms several Mickey Mouse head outlines, all of which fly towards the viewer, turning the background into a cloudy sky. A Mickey Mouse outlined head flies to the bottom right, and turns into a blue outlined Disney Channel logo, filled with watery white coloring and the "Disney CHANNEL" text in black with "Disney" in its corporate font. A blue banner reading "Originals" in white pops up around the logo; the entire logo wobbles.



The card was updated in 2007, eliminating the splashes and the firework, first used in the channel's original movies, then being applied to original series starting in 2008. It features a blue ribbon drawing its way to the front of the screen against a black background; the camera follows the ribbon thusly. The background then changes to twinkling blue, and the ribbon turns into an outline of Mickey Mouse's head, forming the Disney Channel logo, but with a bit of a difference, then a white Mickey Mouse head appears from it and zooms in. The "Original" banner drops down under the Disney Channel name, and does not wobble, coming to a complete stop before the title card fades/cuts out.



Disney Channel Original Movie


Disney channel original movie logo


Disney Channel Original Movies - Transparent Logo


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