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The Discovery Channel


The Discovery Channel 1985c
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Discovery Channel

The 1987 logo featured the familiar wordmark that would last until the 2008 rebrand.

Discovery Channel


Discovery Channel 1995

On September 19, 1995, a new logo was introduced. "The" was removed from the channel's name and the semicircle was swapped for a globe. It also added the underline to the bottom of the logo. They also launched a new tagline, "Explore Your World".


Discovery Channel logo 2000

This altered logo has the word "Channel" moved into the underline. The globe icon was also changed, so that it focused on the Pacific Ocean instead of any continents (the Americas can be seen on its right and Australia on its left).


Discovery Channel 2008
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A new logo was launched on April 15, 2008. It was designed by Viewpoint Creative, who were also behing the new graphics for the channel. The channel also got a new tagline, "The World is Just Awesome", with a marketing campaign by 72nd and Sunny. The globe shrunk and it was modified, the font face was changed, and the underline was removed.


Discovery Channel 2009

Discovery was rebranded again in February 2009 by Royale. They also altered the logo slightly by modifying the globe again, making the word "CHANNEL" bigger, and completely detaching the globe from the D.


Discovery Channel logo

In mid-2014, Discovery began de-emphasizing the 2009 logo in favor of using the D and globe symbol by itself on-air, with "Discovery" written underneath in print and social media. The network adopted the new tagline "Grab Life By The Globe".


DSC DGlobe 2016 Reverse

As part of a graphical refresh in July 2016, the D symbol and "Discovery" text is now encased inside a circle.

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