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Hughes Electronics


Hughes Electronics

DirecTV was created in 1985 as Hughes Electronics.



DirecTV Logo 1990

In 1990, Hughes Electronics was renamed as DirecTV. This logo still appears at the headquarters of the company in El Segundo, CA. Since then this logo has gone through several changes.


DirecTV logo

In 2005, the "D" symbol became rounded and was colored different shades of blue, and the "DirecTV" wordmark's font was changed. This is still used on some remotes.


DirecTV 2010

In 2008, the logo was given a 3D effect. However, it will not fully debut until 2010.

2011–2015, 2011-present (Latin America)

DirecTV 2011 logo
In 2011, the logo became more three-dimensional, and the "DirecTV" wordmark's typeface was changed again. Also, the "D" symbol's width has increased. This logo continues to be used alongside the next one. The company's current slogan is "Don't just watch TV. DirecTV." As of 2015, this logo is being used as a secondary logo, and still used in Latin America.



In 2015, due to AT&T merging with DirecTV, DirecTV's logo was changed by removing the "D" symbol, leaving only the text "DirecTV".


DirecTV 2016

On December 3, 2015, the logo was updated by placing the newly-updated and inverted AT&T globe logo next to the DirecTV wordmark. The new logo debuted on January 1, 2016, just a few months after AT&T first purchased DirectTV.

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