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Hughes Electronics DirecTVOldLogo DirecTV 1993 DirecTV logo
1985–1990 1990–1993 1993–2004 2004–2008
DirecTV 2010 DirecTV 2011 logo Logo-directv DirecTV 2016
2008–2011 2011–2015 2015–2016 2016–present

Hughes Electronics


Hughes Electronics

DirecTV was founded in 1985 as Hughes Electronics.




In 1990, Hughes Electronics was renamed as DirecTV.



DirecTV 1993

This logo appeared at the company's headquarters in El Segundo, California before July 2013, when it was replaced by the 2011 logo, and eventually with the latest logo since Dec. 2015, which is the inverted AT&T globe, albeit without the wordmark. Since then, this logo has gone through several changes.


DirecTV logo

In 2004, the edges of the "D" symbol became rounded, and both sides of it were colored different shades of blue. The wordmark's font was also changed. This is still used on some remotes.

DirecTV 2010

In 2008, the logo was given a three-dimensional effect. However, it did not completely replace the previous two-dimensional logo until 2010.


DirecTV 2011 logo

In 2011, the logo became more three-dimensional than before, and the wordmark's typeface was changed again to be less spaced out. Also, the width of the inside of the "D" symbol was reduced. As of 2015, this logo is being used as a secondary logo and still used in Latin America and is used on some receivers.



After AT&T completed its acquisition of DirecTV in 2015, the logo was changed by removing the "D" symbol altogether, leaving only the wordmark from the previous logo.


DirecTV 2016

On December 3, 2015, the logo was updated by placing the newly-updated and inverted AT&T logo next to the DirecTV wordmark, this time colored black. The new logo debuted on January 1, 2016, only a few months after AT&T first purchased DirecTV.

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