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Rank Screen Advertising






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Carlton Screen Advertising



The ident for Carlton Screen Advertising was usually the first clip to play in the cinema, and consisted of the trademark Carlton star as a brand being put into flames for a few moments, before being removed and thrusted at the screen.

Unlike Carlton's others idents at the time, this was often considered frightening due to its loud, powerful sounds and visuals of flames.

The closing ident at the end of the advertising reel would simply display the Carlton star with its flames fizzling out into smoke.

Digital Cinema Media



Digital Cinema Media replaced Carlton Screen Advertising in July 2008. The original idents, however, were updated in April 2011. The April 2011 ident was infamous as it was known for giving everybody in the cinema a fright when it came on.



In January 2013, the logo changed. This time, three different idents were used; Amazement, Laughter and Suspense. Depending on which film was playing, a different ident was used. For example, Monster's University used the Laughter ident.

Digital Cinema Media

Both the Laughter and Suspense idents were dropped in January 2014, however, and now the Amazement ident is the only one that is still used.

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