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For the new company and its subsidiary, see Dell Technologies.


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Dell logo

As of 2016, this is now being used as a secondary logo.


Dell Logo

From early-late 2010, Dell's well-known logo was spiced up into an enclosed thicker blue circle (in the same color as the wordmark), but the Windows 7 variant of the previous logo had since then remained use on the boot screens of many of Dell's post-2009 computers. This design principle was based on the other two variants of the last logo. This additionally saw the introduction of a new tagline, "The power to do more" (which would last until the following logo's introduction in late 2016). This still remains use as the website's favicon, some portals, and on many of its current computers to date. As of 2016, this is now being used as a secondary logo.


Dell logo 2016

In response to the merge with EMC Corporation on September 7, 2016, Dell's logo, along with its wordmark, went thin. The new thin wordmark also reflects on its new owner, Dell Technologies, though the previous logo still remains used on all Dell computers to date and on the website's favicon and some portals.

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