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800px-DQ 1950s logo
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On June 22, 1940, Dairy Queen opened its first location in Joliet, Illinois. This logo was used for drive-in restaurants, which had a signature blue blade that carried this logo.


Dairy Queen 1961

In 1960, a new wordmark was put onto a red lip background. A different font was added onto the wordmark and the color of it was changed to white. The restaurants that used this logo had different branding on them, including the original flat-roof indoor-seating brand (1960–early 1970s) that replaced the drive-in from the previous logo, the mansard-roofed "Brazier" brand (early 1970s–mid 1990s), and the "Hot Eats, Cool Treats" brand which featured a flat roof and a blue blade with the logo (mid 1990s–2006). In 1980, an alternate version of this logo was introduced. In some parts of Canada, it's still on the spoons.  This logo is still used at some locations.


DQ Logo 2001

In 2001, the word mark was shortened to just "DQ". This was only used as a secondary logo for packaging, cups, and signs. This can still be seen at some locations.


Dairy Queen logo

In 2006, the logo was modified with orange and blue stripes added onto it and the red shape evened out. The 'DQ' wordmark was changed into a seriffed font and italicized. An earlier version of this logo with the old font used in 2001 introduced a new brand of restaurants known as "Grill & Chill", where the exterior features stone towers and sets of red awnings that hang directly above the windows and doors; and the interior features special amenities including a lounge area, Wi-Fi bar, and self-serve beverage fountains. However, some restaurants that used the previous branded designs (from the previous logos) remained unremodeled and only updated to this logo, becoming known as simply "Restaurant". Their current slogan is "This is fan food, not fast food."

Dairy Queen logo

The spelled out name variant used since 2007, primarily used on the signature red spoons. It can also be seen at some newer locations and mall kiosks.