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Logo On a White Background we see A Scale of 3 People 2 Of them Which are Davis and Alcorn And Someone Else in the Middle Varaints In 1993 The People Are Different Which still Has Davis and Alcorn Someone else on the right Maybe Paul Cleonhurt IN 1994 Two Varaints Beside the People Was Made A Anamation of Puss Puss Head growing until it Explodes Which Has Nana Shrugged A Static Immage of Nanas Disemboided Head With Puss Puss on it

Music and Sound Effects The Oral People Saying What Good times they HAAAD! In off the record There Backmasked And it Cuts to black when we Hear a Glass Breaking Sound

Scare Factor None to Low for the Logo Low to Meduim For the Anamation one But if you don't like blood Don't Watch it High To Nightmare for the Static One

Showings Rare Seen On the Nana And Lill Puss puss Show from 1991 _ 2001




Paul web-1-

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