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1971-1985 (as D.i.C.)

This article or section lacks a former logo at the moment. You can help Logopedia by uploading it here. Although DIC Entertainment was founded in 1971, this logo wasn't seen on television until 1983.


DIC Logo 83


DIC Logo

This 1987-2008 separate DiC logo was one of the best known DIC logos. The CGI effects were made at PDI, and the other material was designed by Homer & Associates. First, the logo started off with a kid sleeping in his bed with his dog on it. Then the camera zoomed in to a window and a star appeared. Finally, the text turned in a 90 degree angle and the kid said the company's name. Also, the star stopped spinning and recedes into a spherical dot for the I. Today, this logo is still known and very popular today, from any other DIC history. The font of this logo is a heavily-modified version of Gill Sans Ultra Bold.

1994 (prelaunch) (as The Incredible World of DiC)

Screenshot 2016-05-07-12-54-52 1

1995–2008 (as The Incredible World of DiC)

DiC 2000

This logo was introduced in 1995, but first appeared on-screen in 1996.

DIC Entertainment was acquired in 2008 by Cookie Jar Entertainment, under which it continues to exist on paper.

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